How Our Products Work


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Unique, Custom, Homemade 3D Printed Nail Accessories

Tilted Bottle Holder

Allows you to easily access your liquids as they get low.

Prevents liquids from tipping over.

Prevents cuticle oil rings from forming on your table.

Lip prevents bottle from sliding out.

Holds dip powder jars at the perfect angle so you can easily press your nails flat onto the powder. (Works especially well for chunky glitters).

Helps keep your bottles organized by step.

Unique display of bottles.

Finger Rest

Allows you to have a steady hand while filing.

Prevents finger slips during e-filing.

Keeps file stable when positioned on diamond top.

Keeps your fingers off of a messy table.

Rounded base allows you to hold it comfortably in your hand.

Keeps your fingers at the perfect angle to prevent liquids from flooding your cuticle.


Organizes nail tools for dipping, stamping, and all sorts of nail art.

Compartments angled towards you for easy access.

Keeps the mess off your table.

E-File Stand

Our custom E-File Stand conveniently organizes and holds your clip-style e-file and bits.

Features a removable back plate for easy storage or travel, 21 bit holes, a cut-out for a charge cord, and rubber feet to prevent sliding and tipping as you file.